Save the Gravestones

Help the Conservancy preserve an historic legacy that helped birth this free nation.
Old Pine Conservancy has been awarded a 2012 Keystone Historic Preservation Grant of $24,625 from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission. But to receive the money, the Conservancy must raise $24,625 in matching funds. Together the grant and matching fund drive will provide $50,000 to repair several stones in a highly visible, most historically important and well-trafficked section of the graveyard.
OPC has contracted with one of the most respected masonry firms in the country, Materials+Conservation Collaborative, LLC, for this Phase I of a planned multiphase conservation program.  Conservation work includes: resetting, realigning, structural pinning, loss compensation and certain stabilizing repairs to grave markers of various architectural elements that comprise headstone/footstone combinations, ledger slabs, an obelisk, box markers and an urn-on-pedestal monument.
Join our growing movement to support Old Pine Conservancy. To make a completely tax deductible gift equally matched by The Keystone Grant, mail your donation by check payable to Old Pine Conservancy along with your name, address and amount of donation to: Old Pine Conservancy, 412 Pine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106.
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