Jurist, Patriot, Signer of U. S. Constitution

Born in Connecticut in 1749, Jared graduated Yale University (located at his home town of New Haven). Early on in the Revolution, his Loyalist father, a crown appointed Stamp Tax Collector, was tarred and feathered by radical patriots….sufficient reason for the father to send young Jared to France and England to further his education. Five years later Jared returned to America, settled in Philadelphia and soon established a flourishing law practice. He became a staunch supporter for breaking all the ties with England.

In 1780-1781, he was a delegate from Pennsylvania to the Continental Congress. In 1781 he married Elizabeth Petitt, daughter of a wealthy merchant. In 1787, he represented Pennsylvania at the Constitutional Convention and is one of seven Presbyterians who signed the U. S. Constitution. 

Ingersoll’s law career included civil as well as appointed and elected positions. He was Attorney General of Pennsylvania, four times in 1790, 1799, 1811 and 1817; City Solicitor for Philadelphia and U. S. District Attorney for Pennsylvania. In 1812, the famous jurist made a rare entry into national politics when he was chosen on DeWitt Clinton’s presidential ticket as Vice President….the two of them running against James Madison. In 1821, he was appointed to the bench from Philadelphia District Court. 

Jared Ingersoll died at age 73 on Halloween Day, October 31, 1822.