What We Do With Your Money

We use it to help preserve and protect our historic graveyard in many different ways

We comb through massive records to learn more about the 4,000 people buried here.
We develop lectures, tours and educational programs for the community based on this research.
We publish a magazine highlighting some of the important and not-so-well-known inhabitants of our graveyard.
We give interns research techniques and help improve their professional communication skills. It’s a real win-win.
How We Raise Money

Our funds primarily come from: unsolicited private contributions, donations from travelers, people who enjoy tours led by Old Pine Conservancy members, from our unique Adopt a Patriot program, and from major grants.

Recent repairs to critically damaged gravestones
Contributions from donors, along with a grant from the National Daughters of the American Revolution and the Society Hill Civic Association, enabled us to repair 22 gravestones.

With your financial support, we hope to raise a total of $42,000 to complete these additional repairs before our country celebrates its 250th anniversary of Independence in 2026.  Please consider donating so we can preserve the past for future generations.


How Can You Help?

Any donation you make will help us do more to uncover hidden stories, repair historic property and preserve this living history museum for the entire nation.

Please donate as generously as you can to whatever option best fits your needs.

All donations help a great deal. Donations to the general fund give us the greatest flexibility. But it is completely your choice.

Save Our Gravestones

While most people walking past the graveyard at Old Pine Street don’t realize it – our nation’s history is fading away before our very eyes. Many of these gravestones, some built as early as 1764, are badly in need of repair. Without restoration very soon, memorials of key Philadelphians, including over 180 officers and soldiers who fought in the Revolutionary War, will be permanently damaged.

That’s where you come in.

If we act now, we can repair the most damaged stones, stabilize the bases, repair dangerous breaks and restore them. If we don’t, these gravestones may crumble and fall, possibly injuring graveyard visitors and guests.

Adopt A Patriot

Over 200 men of the Third Church who served in the Revolution are buried here. A number of others who supported the fight for independence are located in our Churchyard, too.

Please Consider Adopting One of These Patriots.

When you do, a Temporary Sign with your name, your patriot's name and any biographical information we have on that person will be placed at the patriot's graveside. We will also send you a picture of the Adopt-a-Patriot sign and location. Adoptions cost $125 per patriot and are good for one year. And you’ll be honoring the memory of a person who supported America’s cause of independence.

In Memory of Ronn Shaffer

Ronn was well known to many of our members and put in countless hours of volunteer work for Old Pine Conservancy. Ronn once jokingly referred to himself as “a Digger O’Dell,” saying, “I dig into history about dead people. His sketches also grace our walls at Old Pine Street Church. We continue to accept memorial contributions for him.